Merge Request Quality Checklist

Reviewers, please ensure every MR passes this checklist before approving, including MRs from new contributors. Consult co-reviewers when making the occasional exception.


  • MR description is fully populated.
  • MR effectively fixes all issues that it claims to fix.
    • If not, change the fixes #123 text in the description (e.g. fixes part of #123)
  • Follow-up issues are created for any new issues that the MR causes or uncovers.
    • If the MR introduces any technical debt, these issues are assigned to MR author, unless they are a first- or second-time contributor.

Quality and Technical Debt

Relax the criteria in this section if this is a contributor's first or second MR, and any technical or UI debt introduced is modest (the fix would fit on about 1 screen of code), and you create a follow-up issue to track it.

  • MR does not decrease the overall consistency or polish of Exosphere's UI.
  • MR does not decrease Exosphere's overall code quality.
  • MR does not use hard-coded representations of any localized strings in the UI.
  • If the MR adds/changes padding and spacing, numbers from spacer must be used, and the guidelines at "Space" section of design system should be followed.


  • MR does not break existing functionality or behavior that users are likely to care about.
  • If the MR adds/changes/removes app flags (in src/Types/Flags.elm), then the following are updated accordingly:
    • types.d.ts
    • config.js
    • all files in environment-configs/ (else you may break production sites!)
    • Documented options in
  • If the MR adds localized strings (in src/Types/Defaults.elm) then the following are updated accordingly:
    • all files in environment-configs/ which have localization specified (else you may break production sites!)
    • Documented options for Example Localization JSON object section in
    • exosphereLocalizedStrings in review/src/NoHardcodedLocalizedStrings.elm
  • If the MR adds/changes/removes any popovers, ensure that their IDs are unique.


  • If MR significantly changes organization structure of codebase (e.g. modules and directories), docs/ is updated appropriately.
  • If the MR adds/changes/removes UI elements in src/Style/Widgets/, then src/DesignSystem/Explorer.elm shows example usage of that widget.